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About Us

Hey Carter! Books started in 2017 after being disappointed in the lack of representation for Black boys in children's literature. I found myself searching the aisles of retail stores looking for books with a little brown boy on the cover, but every time I left frustrated and emptied handed. I felt a huge sense of responsibility to ensure my son saw himself in books. During this time, I was also struggling emotionally with the weight of being a new mother. Writing helped me to harness my pain into something beautiful for my son, Carter and other boys who look like him. I wanted the world to see my son the way I see him. Amazing, smart, talented, and so much more! In a world where little Black boys grow up to be feared as men, it is so important that they know how loved and cherished they are. As the CEO, background as a licensed therapist, doctorate in Education Counseling Psychology and most importantly a mother, serves as the foundation for writing children’s books focused on building self-identity in young children, specifically Black boys. Hey Carter! Books is showing the world exactly what Brown Boy Joy is!