Marina Security Services, Inc.



About Us

Marina Securities, a minority-owned and operated business, was founded in 1997 on the principle that a detail-oriented approach to providing security services will yield a high quality, reproducible, and scalable business enterprise.

Over the time of its existence, Marina Securities has built experience and developed expertise in a wide variety of environments. This experience allows Marina Securities to not only meet the needs of large scale client engagements that require large numbers of security personnel, but also meet the needs of smaller clients, such as a warehouse that wants to outsource their night watchman responsibility.

Marina Security Services recognizes that it is in the interest of the entire community, not just the business owner, for facilities to be safe and secure. Our management approach is built upon strong relationships with property owners and managers, our employees, as well as community stakeholders located near the facilities we service. We recruit employees from within the local community since these individuals often have personal knowledge or insights about how to address the unique security challenges of their local community. In addition, employing local workers also gives us an opportunity to contribute to the communities to whom we owe our success.

Marina Security Services has PPO (Private Patrol Operator) certification in the State of California and is licensed for business in the State of California, as well as municipalities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.